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Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH) may be the newest international school to Hanoi, but we bring over 150 years of educational experience to Hanoi. Concordia is part of the LCMS in the United States. The LCMS has been actively developing schools in the United States since the 1860’s and throughout Asia for the past 40 years. Concordia – Hanoi is modeled after our two sister schools: Hong Kong International School and Concordia International School—Shanghai, China.

The Hanoi school concept developed out of a number of different invitations and possibilities throughout Asia. Vietnam was selected as the primary site for the next LCMS international school since the LCMS NGO, headed by Ted Engelbrecht and his staff, have been successfully working in Vietnam for the past 13 years. There is also a great need for education generally and for international education specifically in the city of Hanoi. In addition, the people within the U.S. Embassy and the business community expressed a desire for a school like HKIS and CISS to come to Hanoi: a high-quality, values-based school that could serve the foreign and American populations as well as local students.

Concordia is excited to start a new chapter in the long history of LCMS education.


Each position Concordia seeks to fill has its own set of qualifications, but these general guidelines apply:

  • A background of successful teaching as verified by references
  • A record of continuous professional development
  • Substantial experience in the subject or grade level in question
  • Ability and interest in contributing to the extracurricular program
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English
  • Evidence of the use of technology in the classroom
  • Good health and below 62 years old

Opportunity Details

  • Location:   Vietnam
  • Position Description File:   n/a
  • Duration:   n/a
  • Team Size:   n/a
  • Contact Name:   n/a
  • Contact Email:  Email 
  • Application Deadline:   n/a
  • Flexible Start Date:  Yes
  • Start Date:   n/a

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