MS Power Automate Expert — USA

Help our missionaries save time and energy on the mission field by creating an automated process using Microsoft Power Automate. Paperwork and a manual approval process really slow things down for our missionaries. This flow will help with a billing memo approval process.

We’ve already done a rough outline of the process. We need expert help to design the actual flow.


  • Microsoft Power Automate experience required;
  • Experience in other advanced Microsoft tools could be helpful.

Opportunity Details

  • Location:  International Regions
  • Position Description File:   n/a
  • Duration:  3-4 days
  • Team Size:  1
  • Contact Name:  Erin Alter
  • Contact Email:  Email 
  • Application Deadline:   n/a
  • Flexible Start Date:  Yes
  • Start Date:   n/a

Contact Information

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