Mission Education Team — Dominican Republic

Experience and participate in the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission as you learn and serve alongside missionaries and local leaders. We will strive to match your team members’ vocational skills and interests with efforts of long-term strategic importance.

Areas to be explored include but are not limited to:

  • Missions (church plants, church activities, outreach events);
  • Education (schools, seminary);
  • Mercy (church- and state-run facilities for intellectually and developmentally disabled people);
  • Daily life (community visits, meals in missionary host homes, sightseeing).

Dates: Flexible, typically Saturday-Saturday

Cost: typically $120-$130/person/night (airfare not included)

Cost Includes: food, lodging, on-field transportation, coordination and international medical insurance.

Opportunity Details

  • Location:   Dominican Republic
  • Position Description File:   n/a
  • Duration:  8 days
  • Team Size:  8-14 people
  • Contact Name:  Erin Alter
  • Contact Email:  Email 
  • Application Deadline:   n/a
  • Flexible Start Date:  Yes
  • Start Date:   n/a

Contact Information

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